Vivekananda Law College

Vivekananda Law College was founded at Puttur during the year 1988-89 in order to meet the growing need of the students seeking legal education in South Eastern areas of Dakshina Kannada District, Kodagu and other adjoining districts of Karnataka and the Kannada speaking Kasaragod area of Kerala State. It is also intended to make legal education available nearer home so that even the less fortunate sections of the people in the region might profit from this professional course of study.

The founders believe that no education, professional or otherwise will be worth the name if the imparting of instruction in different branches of knowledge is not attended by a proper shaping of character. The college has its name ‘Vivekananda’ from whose life and work it derives its name inspiration and aims at high sense of discipline and character. The college also aims at a high standard of education by providing all the facilities needed by the students for completing their studies in a systematic way. The college has adopted ‘Nyayen Dharyathe Lokah’ in its motto which means “The structure of the world is kept in balance by justice”.



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